Rules & Regulations

Incentive Overview:

An employee fund has been created offering financial incentives to Propark Employees based upon positive customer service comments from Propark Patrons. This free and convenient method of collecting guest opinions and feedback will provide satisfaction survey results that will be used in improving services and facilities at Propark.

Patrons Criteria

Patrons will be notified of the website ("URL") via point-of-sale signage, including handout advertisements, custom-designed buttons for employees and custom-designed coffee cups.

  1. Each method of notification will point the patron to the URL, which provides four customer service rating options for the user to choose from. These buttons, and their corresponding dollar value, are:
    • Perfect = +$5 (If a customer selects this rating, $5 is added to the employee incentive fund).
    • Passable = +$2 (At this rating level, $2 is added to the employee incentive fund).
    • Poor = -$2 (At this rating level, $2 is deducted from the employee incentive fund).
  2. Patrons in possession of a valid receipt for a Propark transaction will be eligible to cast one vote, per person. Valid recent transaction number and IP number anti-pass back security measures prevent against multiple invalid votes.
  3. Propark reserves the right to update, change, revise, revoke or rescind this incentive at any time, at its sole discretion.

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